“New Moon” Hits Big at Theaters . . .

New Moon.

This post was bound to happen – sooner or later.  The past few days have been filled with nothing but New Moon frenzy.  Numerous talk shows featuring New Moon’s biggest stars: Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz and other stars from the Cullen clan, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi – this week’s press whirlwind has left behind a settling dust – that which has left theaters packed and box office records shattered.

With only midnight showings of Twilight’s latest installment: New Moon pulled in $26.3 million at North American box offices. This number beats the record set by Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this past July of $22.2 million in its midnight screenings (Associated Content).

In opening day box office numbers, New Moon grossed $72.7 million – beating out the Dark Knight’s record of $67.2 million.  What’s even more fascinating is that New Moon was shown in  342 fewer theaters than the Dark Knight (EW).

Now, as for the movie itself – I will admit that I have seen it twice so far: Midnight showing and Opening day.  I have to say, nothing compares to a midnight showing.  The energy, excitement and yes, the teenage girl chaos. New Moon paraphernalia were everywhere, shouts and screams continually echoed throughout the theater … hours before 12:01 am clocked in. The one downfall to a midnight showing – is of course – the unnecessary shouts and screams during the movie. Why?  Because the loud noise interferes with the actual movie. . . therefore not allowing the audience to hear what is happening next. A little frustrating – but then again, it wouldn’t be a midnight showing without it.

However – there were times when squeals were permitted: When Edward first presents himself in the movie and when Jacob is …shirtless (which was 95% of the movie – not that I’m complaining).

In comparison to Twilight and New Moon New Moon is 100x better than the first movie. The acting was a step up from the first and very impressive – especially on Kristen’s part (no stuttering) – the break-up scene – was probably the most painful part in the movie – painful in terms of heartbreaking. For any Twilight fan who didn’t at least choke up – should not consider themselves fans.  It was even worse to actually watch Edward leave than read it in the book.

In terms of the book, the movie did a great job following all the key events – depicting scenes perfectly – just as I had imagined.  I have no complaints about the movie (save for one corny bit – Alice’s future vision of Bella), and I am overly happy with the end result.  The movie’s soundtrack is … absolutely worth listening to. I just bought it yesterday and I can’t turn it off.  Sure, it has nothing on Twilight’s first soundtrack (Especially my all-time favorite song: I Caught Myself – Paramore) – but it’s still good.

Various artists include: Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Editors, Band of Skulls, Thom Yorke, Ok Go, Sea Wolf and more.

So what do we Twi-fans have to look forward to next? Eclipse due out June 30, 2010.

Till then!



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