Twilight Cast . . .

Twilight-themed posts are probably becoming overwhelming by now. BUT – I can’t help myself, so here goes…

My favorite picture of the Twilight cast – from Vanity Fair:

vanityfairtwilightcast[photo credit: Peggy Sirota: November 5, 2008]

New Moon comes out in theaters on November 20th and the frenzy for Twilight is at an all-time-high.  With Dakota Fanning on Teen Vogue, Kristen Stewart on the cover of Seventeen, Robert Pattinson on Vanity Fair and both Kristen, Rob and Taylor Lautner on the cover of Entertainment Weekly – everywhere you turn- Twilight is staring right back at you.

In December’s issue of Vanity Fair – Pattinson looks divine, stunning and just gorgeous in the photographs by Bruce Weber. There are a bunch of outtakes from the photo shoot – all of which are amazing.  I picked out my favorites and believe me, it was hard to choose.

Here they are:




pattinson-B-0912-07[Photo credit: Bruce Weber]

And the new Leo, it turns out, is also a nerd. He is never without a book in his hand, say his colleagues, or a piece of music on his mind, or a movie he wants to share. He’s so obsessed about delivering a performance he feels happy with that he is constantly watching the dailies, says Remember Me director Allen Coulter. “He’s religious about it.”VF

And now Pattinson is hawking his co-star like a desperate agent. “I don’t know where he got it,” he gushes of Lautner’s charm and knack for connecting with the fans. “He’s much better at doing it [than I am].… He’s completely handling it. I’m just freaking out all the time. I’m going to end up hitting people and stuff and looking like an idiot.” Someone else can be Leo. Pattinson will be Hugh Grant.VF

Want to read the full cover story? Go HERE.

SIDENOTE: The whole nerdy-book bit – just made me love RobPatt even more…

Judging by the number of times I blog about Twilight, you can guess how excited I am for Nov. 20th.  Just be ready for more . . .




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