Fran Drescher’s “The Nanny:” TV Land’s Favorite Nanny . . .

Judging by my tweets, one can assume that I am obsessed with Fran Drescher’s “The Nanny.” Well – no need to assume – I am obsessed.


Fran Drescher as The Nanny

Having first aired in 1993 – the show ran for 6 seasons – ending in 1999 with 145 episodes. Nominated for 2 Golden Globes and countless awards, the show was a hit.  I remember watching a bit of the show when I was younger – and the thing I remembered the most was Fran’s high-nasal voice.  Yet no matter how annoying it sounds, it is iconic. You hear that voice, and you know its Fran.

Ten years after its last air date, I was re-acquainted with TV Land’s Favorite Nanny on Nick @ Nite over this past summer. Two episodes in – and I was hooked.  So much so that I ran out to the store and invested in Season 1 and 2.

What I love about the show is how it continues to stay relevant. The jokes, innuendos, themes and messages are still hilarious and important to today.  I also love the fashions of Fran Fine.  Her style from 1993 -1999 is what we see in the fashion magazines that are currently on newsstands.  Sequins, tights, menswear, blazers, over-the-knee boots, neon, studs, leather, fur and BIG HAIR = are all trends then and now.

fran drescher nanny

Nanny Fine - Today

[image from polyvore]

I just recently watched the series finale, and it was bittersweet. The flashbacks, new beginnings and endings – were too much for me to handle.  Even though it ended ten years ago, I didn’t want it to end now (if that makes any sense.)  So imagine my excitement when I found out that there was A REUNION for “The Nanny” cast in 2004! (sidenote: Episodes continue to air on Nick @ Nite every night)


The Nanny Reunion - A Nosh to Remember

Here is part 1 – a perfect overview of the show:

Fran Drescher is still making waves – with her non-profit organization, Cancer Schmancer Movement, her official title as a U.S. Diplomat, Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women’s Health Issues, and now her ventures with a new beauty line: FranBrand for HSN. She is a powerful woman, who despite facing traumatic events, has kept her head high and continues to influence.

Honestly, watch The Nanny – there is so much learn, laugh and love.



4 thoughts on “Fran Drescher’s “The Nanny:” TV Land’s Favorite Nanny . . .

  1. I like the t.v. show the nanny – with fran drecher , she helps me laugh when i need it !!! i love fran fine the nanny- i watch it every night , every episode three times , i know every episode !!!! please from the bottem of my heart !!! after april Please keep the show going ,please fran drescher !!!! sincrely viki amoroso

  2. right there with you, i am 13 and am obbsesed, can actually name almost all of the episodes IN ORDER….. and i wrote a poem about it for english this quarter 😛 check it out


    It’s an addiction,
    I will readily admit.
    But it’s not like I can name all 146 episodes in order,
    I’m still working on that.
    I’m memorizing biographies of people I will probably never meet,
    And wondering what I would say if I ever did.
    The show ended eleven years ago may twelfth,
    So why do I even care?
    There are plenty of other comedy shows,
    I tell myself that a thousand times.
    But still this will be the only one I turn to,
    When I need a picker-upper.
    Maybe it’s because of her laugh.
    Knowing there is a person
    With a voice worse off than mine.
    The more I look into the shows background,
    The more I realize it was created as a spoof of The Sound of Music.
    Just like her other show, This is Spinal Tap.
    So can someone please tell me why I’m so addicted
    To The Nanny?

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