Bad Romance Music Video . . .

“Ra-Ra-Ra” – is how I would describe Lady GaGa’s new music video for “Bad Romance.”

Sure the video is a little creepy . . . but I love-love-love the fashion  – I mean really, GaGa is the only one who can pull it off.

In one part of the video, she wears a full ensemble from Alexander McQueen’s Spring RTW Fashion Show:

Like this one. With the shoes and everything . . .

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show

[photo from]

The shoes. are. insane.

GaGa has broken the barriers of fashion – and designers, like McQueen, are embracing this new creativity. Will we all go gaga and follow in Lady GaGa’s footsteps and become influenced and brave enough to wear . . .  well . . .  whatever she wears? I’m afraid I’ll have to pass, especially on the body-orbit get-up.

Nevertheless, I heart GaGa and her bravery, and I always will.

“Bad Romance” is the first single off her new album The Fame Monster (a re-release of her debut album, The Fame) – which I’m sure will be just as good as Fame.



gaga oh lala . .


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