The 2010 Winter Olympics . . .

VISA commercials for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver have already aired – and my excitement for the Winter games is starting!

What am I looking forward to? The following picture should say it all:

apolo red

Apolo Anton Ohno

Hello gorgeous.  Short-track speedskater, Apolo Anton Ohno is a five-time medalist and is tied with Eric Heiden for the most career medals in a single Winter Olympics game. I can’t wait to see him speed skate in February! (sidenote: He also won Dancing with the Stars in 2007 with Julianne Hough)

OH WAIT – I found a clip of his Paso Doble (LOL – this has no relevance but I couldn’t help myself)

Back to the Olympics . . .

I’m also excited for Women’s Figure Skating – my obsession with the sport all started during the 1998 Winter Games when Tara Lipinski took to the ice – and became the youngest [age 15] individual gold medalist in the history of the Olympic Games.

Here is a clip of the her Gold Medal Performance – I got a little choked up at the end…

In her short-program – she performed to Once Upon A December from Anastasia. This is probably one of my all-time favorite figure skating performances to date:

I’m pretty sure I wanted to be a figure skater back in my youth, pretty sure I made it to Basics 1. End of career.

Till the Games,



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