Olsenboye . . .

The Olsen twins turn to a new design venture with their new affordable line for JCPenney: Olsenboye. This is the 4th  collection they have created  in total.


Olsen Twins sold Olsenboye out of an ice cream truck on Oct. 27th.

The line includes jeans, tops, shoes and bags all within the price range of $20-$50.  Their new collection will debut on JCPenney’s web site and in select stores (most in NYC) on November 6th.  It will officially be sold in stores come Spring of 2010.

More on the new line HERE.

Thanks to justjared.com – here is what Ashley Olsen had to say in a press release about Olsenboye:

“We feel this collaboration compliments and strengthens our business portfolio, delivering trend-based fashion at affordable prices,” Ashley

In the meantime – catch the teaser video that features the new looks from Olsenboye. It’s so cute!

I’ll have to check out the new line come November 6th – online that is . . .



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