The Future of Women’s Fashion . . .

I saw these ladies last night at the 92Y: “The Future of Women’s Fashion.”  And I can honestly tell you, I was star-struck.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looking chic and sassy (At the CDFA New Members Reception prior to 92Y)

As my childhood idols – last night was a dream come true, finally seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in person.

The panel was very informative – and it comes as a reassurance that Fashion hasn’t completely been affected by the recession – but we can look forward to a more “exciting” turn in fashion – according to Ashley Olsen.

When the panel ( designer Isaac Mizrahi and Washington Post writer Robin Givham, Ashley Olsen) was asked how they dress in the morning – for Ashley – it is about what is most comfortable.  And judging by her outfit last night – she did just that – well save for the platform red, suede shoes. Which by the way- were sassy beyond description.

I seriously love the Olsen girls – their devotion to fashion and making quality staples, like that one perfect white t-shirt (albeit pricey) for women of all ages is so inspiring. They went head-on with this fashion venture – and the fashion world has been well-responsive to their efforts.

When Ashley was asked what advice she would give celebrities who want to become designers, she said they should do it: “If they really want it…”

For me, this applies to every woman who wants to achieve her dream. So go out, and do it.

– jo


3 thoughts on “The Future of Women’s Fashion . . .

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  2. Boy, I couldn’t agree with Ashley Olsen more. My 11 year old daughter spends hours drawing designs of new fashions she’s thought up and I can say some of her ideas are really good. Maybe I have the next next womens fashion trends setter in my mits! Go for your dreams, for you’ll never know if things would work out if you don’t.

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