Fleece Welly Socks . . .

These welly socks are the latest MUST-HAVE for the upcoming Winter season.

Hunter 'Fleece Welly' Socks

Hunter 'Fleece Welly' Socks

As you dear readers know, I am truly obsessed with my Hunter Wellington boots – and anything HUNTER related.

So naturally, when I saw these “Fleece Welly” socks in Nordstrom the other day, I was hooked. Fleece, stripped, pattern cuffed = there are a variety of styles and colors you can choose from to match your wellies.

– The socks are designed to add warmth and comfort to your wellingtons –So if your feet get cold during those wintry, rainy days = you, like I do, need these socks.

hunter boots nordstroms

Wellies from Nordstrom

I love the fleece socks in the color charcoal and purple . . .

Stay warm!



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