Ashley Olsen – The Real Fashionista . . .

I have always been a big fan Ashley Olsen, I practically grew up with her.  The Olsen twins are about a year older than me, and from the days of Full House to their final film New York Minute – I have been a die-hard Olsen fan.

I must own every one of their movies. To name a few . . .

The Challenge, When in Rome, Getting There, Winning London, Holiday in the Sun, Our Lips are Sealed, Passport to Paris,  Switching Goals, Billboard Dad, How The West Was Fun, It Takes Two and the best ones: You’re Invited and The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley videos. CLASSICS!

I watched them endlessly, loving every one of their outfits, and always trying to capture their style – which I still do today.

The Olsen Twins - in their signature color, black

The Olsen Twins - in their signature color, black

Well these days, Mary-Kate and Ashley are designers of their own lines: The Row and Elizabeth and James, and their brand is taking the fashion world by storm.  In an article from the New York Times, the Olsen twins talked about their latest career in fashion – how they strayed away from the entertainment world, and went full-throttle into this new fashion venture:

“Listen, I used to be in the entertainment industry,” Ashley said. “I decided at 18 that I don’t really want to do this anymore. I wanted to explore other things, and with that came The Row.” She looked across the table at her sister and for a moment their eyes locked.

She continued: “Our lives have been kind of backward. We never got that opportunity in high school to figure out what you want to do. We never had the time to discover, ‘Oh, I love doing this …’ So for us this experience in fashion has been amazing.” – excerpt from NYT Good Things Do Come in Pairs

I’m so inspired by Ashley – her determination, her smart-savvy looks and wits about fashion.  It started with the desire to make the “perfect T-shirt” and now the brand is growing with footwear, jewelry and now sunglasses.

The Row is really Ashley’s brain-child, though the sisters share responsibilities. Nearly four years ago, while a student at New York University and ducking the paparazzi hired to follow her and her sister everywhere, Ashley gave herself the goal of creating, in her eyes, the perfect T-shirt. That was the concept behind The Row: beautiful but practical clothes whose fit and luxurious texture (T-shirts in sheer cashmere, leggings in stretch leather) had private meaning to the people who wore them. –NYT

Tonight – one of my life goals is coming true – I’m getting the chance to see Ashley Olsen . . . in the flesh – At the 92Y: The Future of Women’s Fashion event with Robin Givhan, Isaac Mizrahi and Cindi Leive – who will be the moderator. I’m so excited to hear what Ashley has to say about fashion – and hoping to become inspired by these leaders in fashion.

Stay tuned-in via my tweets – and expect a blog post asap!!

To Fashion,


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