Bon Apetit. . .

Last night, my girl K and I took to a night of classiness.

We attended an Art Exhibit, indulged in retrospective art, enjoyed some wine with hor d’oeuvres, and then caught up over dinner at PARC – a swanky French restaurant in the heart of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA.

I loved the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant – dimmed lights, candles on tables and the murmur of conversations.

Sparkling wine, bread, cheeseburgers, cappuccinos and delectable desserts – it was a well-deserved dinner.

Despite our classiness, what I found truly empowering was the woman eating next to us.  She was enjoying dinner alone, while reading magazines. K and I said to each other – she is so confident! – to be able to eat dinner alone, on a Friday night, at a popular restaurant.

squelettes heart pic

I began to think, would I ever be able to eat alone without being self-conscious? Being surrounded by couples, friends and families eating dinner – I would feel so exposed.

BUT think about it – would people really be paying attention to you?  They’re immersed in their own conversations and eating dinner.  Plus, it wouldn’t be like you were really alone – you would have your book or magazine.  I feel like it would be self-nourishing to have dinner with…yourself.

I want to try it out – and see how it goes – with a glass of wine, a delicious meal and a great book – it doesn’t sound all that frightening.

What do you think about having dinner with yourself?



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