The Best Moment in TV History. . .

Office fans and the like tuned in last night for what I considered the best moment in TV history:

Jim and Pam’s Wedding.

After 5 seasons, Jim and Pam finally made it down the aisle, well to be more precise, The Office did.  Following the wedding entrance of Jill and Kevin’s wedding, The Office danced down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

The original wedding entrance: (I wonder how Jill and Kevin felt about The Office using their wedding as inspiration?! Honored? I know I would have felt that way…)

Lucky for Jim and Pam, they already took their vows prior to their wedding ceremony on The Maid of the Mist boat under Niagara Falls.   Jim called the boat idea Plan C – he bought the tickets as soon as the famous youtube video hit the internet. Smart move Jim. As for Plan A and B? Plan B- the church, Plan A- to have married her a long time ago, pretty much the first day he met her. swoon.

Call it the sabotage of Jim and Pam’s wedding, but I saw it as true Office manners, and nothing else would have been more fitting that the ‘Foreverwedding entrance for The Office wedding.  It was honestly, the best wedding/Office episode ever.

If you missed it last night, watch it here.

click. Mental Picture.


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