New Nerdy Glasses . . .

It was time for me to change up my eyeglasses, a new frame and a new “outlook” on the world,  if you will.

I have been crushing on a pair of Ray Ban glasses, and when I went to the nearest eyeglasses retail store (LC), I found them! They were just what I was looking for, thin frames but wide lenses.  They were the perfect fit and made me look nerdy.

ray ban flex glassesSo after I purchased them and wore them for the first time, I asked my brother what he thought of my new lenses and his answer? “You look like a nerd.”

PERFECT. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Just the look I was aiming for! (and no I’m not being sarcastic)

So, what do you think of my new lenses??



One thought on “New Nerdy Glasses . . .

  1. i just got brown ray bans too! i tried these ones on but they didn’t look right for my face. mine are a little smaller, but i love them too!


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