Best Dressed at MTV’S VMAs. . .

From my tweets, I’m sure you can assume that the 2009 VMA was probably the most drama-filled, exciting and heartwarming VMAs to date.

Not to bore with you all the in-between details, but I have to bring up Taylor Swift.  Her dress was breathtaking and very glam.  She was dripping in silver with a classy one-shoulder cut gown!


She rolled up to the red carpet in none other than a carriage drawn by two white horses…and what did she have to say about it? “I really like fairy tales.” Well, she definitely fit the role of Cinderella tonight.

She won best Female Music Video, only to have her moment jolted by Kanye West, who interrupted her speech by grabbing the mic and stating that Beyonce had the best music video of “all time.”

Yet, despite Kanye’s words, Taylor performed her song, “You Belong With Me” along a subway in New York, and ended on top of a taxi cab in front of Radio City Music Hall.

Well just as the clock was about to strike 12, Beyonce won Best Video of the Year, and during her speech – she gave Taylor the opportunity to relive her moment on the stage and accept her well-earned award.

“I’d like to thank all the fans on Twitter and MySpace and everyone who came out to my shows this summer. Thank you so much!” – Taylor Swift

It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift had her fairy-tale ending at the VMAs…



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