These boots were made for walking. . .

This Fall season, it is all about the boots: Booties, open-toe, over the knee, studded, suede, leather- you name it. There are so many varieties of boots out this season, that you should no problem picking out the perfect boot.

As for me, I’m on a “boot-high,” falling in love with practically anything that has the word BOOT in it. Which is an issue, because really, how many boots can a girl have?

I would like to say, never too many. Which is why this season, I have splurged. Well, not exactly. Being cost-conscience, yet practical, I’m picking out my season’s “Must Have Boots.”

The Ankle Boot: I recently was looking through the October issue of Lucky where I spotted these glorious, open-toe ankle booties. They are ‘olive’ leather booties with buttons stretching up across the side, complete with a zipper behind the heel.  I was so surprised to find out that these boots were from BAKERS! And $90!

ankle baker boots

Now if you’re a “B MEMBER” card holder at Bakers, you get 20% off. Which to me, was the one push I needed to pull out my credit card.

One may think, “Open-toe? What happens when it’s cold out?” That’s where SOCKS/STOCKINGS come in. Blue, black or even bright colors work and trust me, it is OKAY to wear socks with your open-toe shoes.

Just make sure they aren’t your gym socks. . .

The Mid-Calf Boot – these remind me of “cowboy” boots. With their heavy hardware and rugged feel, they have a hard core feel to them.  I just love them and I just couldn’t resist. YES they are a splurge, but they are durable, oil resistant and have shock-absorbing memory soles. You know your money will have been well-spent!!

frye boots

Harness 12R Boots

The Over-the-Knee Boot– I’m not sure how I feel about them yet, especially if I had to wear them, but I did fall in LOVE with a pair of studded boots worn by Chanel Iman.  Turns out they are Christian Louboutin ‘Donjon’ Boots, and they’re a bit out of my . . . credit limit. ($2,350). But I just love the studs!!

Chanel Iman in Louboutin 'Donjon' Boots

Chanel Iman in Louboutin 'Donjon' Boots

Louboutin 'Donjon' Boots

Louboutin 'Donjon' Boots

If you want your stud-boot fix at a more affordable price, Diba Gael offers an over-the-knee boot with some studs at DSW:

Diba Gael Over The Knee Boot

Diba Gael Over The Knee Boot

Happy Boot Shopping!!

-loves jo


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