Fashion Week: Jason Wu

Fashion Week Coverage.

I’ve been following countless tweets about Fashion Week, to the point where it is overwhelming.  Since I can’t keep up with the updates anymore, I have decided to take up post on New York Magazine Fashion’s FW coverage, checking out each individual show that I find captures my style.

Jason Wu was the first designer of Fashion Week that caught my eye.  I love his choice of colors – purple!!, the fabrics- light and flowing and the style – especially his dresses.  They are form fitting up top, then they billow out by the hips.  I’m also a big fan of the shorts matched with sweaters.

Here are a couple of my favorite designs by Jason Wu. You can catch a slideshow of his runway show here.

jason wu 1

I love the yellow sweater!

jason wu 2

Love the purple, ruffles and the black belt.

LOOOVE his take on the dress!!

The sheer black and purple corset are so cute!

The strips caught my eye, great colors

The strips caught my eye, great colors

The Dress. Is. Ravishing. Plus its Chanel, my favorite model!!

The Dress. Is. Ravishing.

Once again, love the dress!!

The fur is my favorite part offset by the green belt.


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