Fashion Week! What do you wear?

Fashion Week is here!!


A model presents a creation at the Whitney Eve Spring 2010 collection during New York Fashion Week.–Reuters Photo.

For the first time ever jonotjoe will be in the center of it all, in New York City, during Fashion Week.

Now, I won’t be sitting in on the shows in Bryant Park next to Anna Wintour, however I will be on the sidelines …. volunteering!!

So the question is, what does one wear to a fashion show, if one is working it. I went to Google to find my answer, yet I came out empty handed. So I decided, I’ll help both myself and YOU in figuring out what to wear while working Fashion Week!

The requirements are: all black

You have these options:

  • Black pants
  • Black shirt
  • Black sweater
  • Black jacket
  • Black dress
  • Black shoes

Okay, that’s simple, but how can you stand out from the rest when, you’re all in black!

Answer: Add a little something (black of course) like a belt, necklace, nails polish, or jewelry to make you stand out.

So what am I going to wear?

Black pants, black tank and a black sweater. Complete with my black flower belt.  I decided to stick to my LBD, a black beaded rope necklace and of course, my wild hair (its my personal and favorite accessory)

3 accessories is all you need to look fashion forward, along with, of course, your confidence.

If you happen to be at Fashion Week, look for the girl in all black…with wild hair. That will be me.




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