Gossip Girl Returns with Splendor. . .

Attention fans of the books of Gossip Girl fans!

The 12th book of the Gossip Girl series, entitled I Will Always Love You written by Cecily von Ziegesar, is finally hitting book shelves on November 3rd!

gossip girl bn

My friend E had just bought Gossip Girl Season 2 and inside the DVD set, there is an excerpt of the latest book!!  When I saw it, I got so excited!  I started the Gossip Girl series when I was a sophomore in High School, turning friends and their friends onto the series as well.  I read the books any chance I got, even in class.  Reading behind a text book in class? I was a born pro.

But I was heartbroken when the series came to a stop.  They were so addictive!! And I’m sure other fans of the books can agree.

Well now the wait is over, November 3rd can’t come soon enough!! And this time, the crew is back from College for the holidays, and who knows what is going to happen!

Here is the book synopsis thanks to Barnes and Noble:

“In this special deluxe hardcover, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, and Dan are all back from the Ivy Leagues and other adventures for a holiday break in the city. Has college changed anyone? What kind of hookups and breakups were going on while our favorite BFFs were apart… and what will happen now that they’re together again for the first time since the end of the original series?

I Will Always Love You follows Manhattan’s most fabulous teens through the four holiday breaks of their college years and into adulthood.

Not to fear, Gossip Girl will be there to dish all.”

While we’re on the topic of gossip, the 4th installment of The Luxe series Splendor written by Anna Godbersen, is arriving at bookstores on October 27th!

splendor, the luxe

Following the latest book in the series Envy, readers are left with the unknown futures of Diana, Penelope, Elizabeth and Henry. I won’t say much about the series, to save from spoiling it for new readers, but take my blog for it, The Luxe is a enticing gossip-guilty book read, that centers itself in New York City circa 1900. If you can’t wait till November 3rd for Gossip Girl, check out Splendor!!

Till then . . .you know you love me,



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