Emma Watson graces Vogue Russia . . .

If ELLE UK wasn’t enough, Emma Watson now takes to the cover of Vogue Russia.

In her photo spread, Watson dons beautiful gowns and is iced with dripping diamonds. The setting of the photos take place in foggy weather and inside dark vintage-inspired settings.

I just love the look of the spread, especially the Fall colors: deep red, plum, cream and greens.  Emma completely embodies the look of old Hollywood glam!

Here are my favorites from the photo shoot:

emma 1

Credit: Celebuzz

emma 2

Credit: Celebuzz

emma 3

Credit: Celebuzz

emma 7

Credit: Celebuzz

emma 5

Credit: Celebuzz

emma 6

Credit: Celebuzz

*more pictures HERE

I just love the dresses and the setting of the photo shoot! This shoot is obviously more mature compared to her spread at Teen Vogue, yet they equally capture her classic beauty.

Emma is sure doing well for herself, considering she is just going into her first year of college… good luck!

Teen Vogue, ELLE UK, Vogue Russia – what next!?


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