Amanda is Alluring . . .

Amanda Seyfried  looks pretty on the cover of Allure magazine!!  In the featured article, Seyfried talks about Hollywood, its competition, and how Mean Girls helped her get on “the map.”



I loved Amanda in Mamma Mia! She has a great voice, and I listen to her version of the ABBA songs all the time!

Amanda has been taking Hollywood by storm these days, especially with her upcoming thriller Jennifer’s Body.  She has also been “spotted” in Bryant Park in New York City for a new movie she is currently filming: “Letters for Juliet.”

According to MTV Movies Blog, here is a brief description of what the movie is based on:

“Letters” is loosely based on the book by Lise and Ceil Friedman, which collects the real-life letters sent to William Shakespeare’s Juliet. Though she sprang entirely from Shakespeare’s imagination, Verona legend has assigned her a home, a tomb, and a balcony that is popular destination for visitors and weddings. Letters have been sent to Juliet since the Victorian era, but they’ve increased over the years, particularly whenever a new film adaptation comes out.”

– More HERE!

Can’t wait to hear more news about this movie! You can be sure jonotjoe will be following all the updates!

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