Spandex Wearing…

What I’m Wearing.

I’ve been OBSESSED with black spandex pants. Yes, spandex…I can’t get enough of them.

In the fall, winter, spring or summer, these pants are the most versatile article of clothing I own. They are a BIG investment.

Kate Moss is also a big fan of black spandex!!

* Image from “Kate Moss for Top Shop Baby Doll Dress”

So what do I pair them up with? Long sweaters most of the time. It’s my “go-to” outfit really. Black spandex, white tank, long sweater, and if I feel up to it…a high-waist fitted belt.

Dress it up with heels, catchy jewelry (long necklaces!) and a blazer


Dress it down with scarves, flats or fun scandals and a big t-shirt

The pet-peeve I have about spandex pants is when they are matched up with REALLY short tops. eek!

If you plan on wearing spandex pants, make sure your shirt falls below you bum. Trust me, no one wants to witness the “wedgie” phenomenon.

More “What I’m Wearing” moments to come…


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