Marc and Lola . . .

Marc Jacob, my favorite fashion designer, has a new fragrance coming  out in August!

Hello Lola

Hello Lola!

Thanks to NYLON magazine, they gave me the first details about Marc’s latest girl, Lola:

“Lola is a rich floral fragrance, featuring notes of ruby red grapefruit, fuchsia peony, and vanilla. While Daisy was the fresh and flirty, Lola is downright sexy—even its bottle is a bit wild, with a Technicolor bouquet serving as the cap to the bottle.” – NYLON

You can’t get your hands on Lola just yet . . . but you can pre-order Marc’s perfume at

-For more details on Lola and how you can pre-order it, check out NYLON!

What I love most about the bottle is that its purple!! And if you know me well, you would know that purple is my all – time favorite color, so naturally, I couldn’t resist.

INSTYLE talks about LOLA here!

I was all “fresh and flirty” when I wore Daisy, but now I think I’m ready to be “downright sexy” with Lola, wouldn’t you agree?

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