Harry Potter Stuns Us All…

Last night, I along with swarms of Potter fans invaded theaters, some in uniforms, others with scars painted on their heads.  We  stood in lines, bought our popcorn, found our seats and waited. We waited for the 6th installment of Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which made a record breaking $22.2 million in midnight screenings alone.


As I sat in the theater at 12:01 AM with the screen black, the theater sat quietly. The munching of popcorn wasn’t even heard, just pure black silence. At 12:10 AM, after some sort of delay, previews came onto the screen, all of which no one cared about. But just as soon as the Warner Bros. logo popped up onto the screen, followed by the iconic Harry Potter title swarmed by black, gray fog, legions of fans in every theater, clapped, screamed and prepared themselves for what I believed, to be one of the best Potter films yet.

Last movie, we left Harry at Hogwarts after the recent death of his Godfather, Sirius Black. His only means of a “true family” were destroyed, save for the Dursleys of course.  However unimportant they are to Harry, the serve as a safety for him.  Yet despite all of that, Harry returns to Hogwarts, preparing to face a war he has to fight, finding love and finally learning that his friends are with him till the end.  The emotions of the movie range from happiness to sadness, however cliche that may be, there is no other way to explain it, unless you watch it yourself.

I felt the movie did an excellent job in portraying the book, to the best of their abilities and with time restrictions.  Many would argue that certain aspects of the book were left out. WELL OF course they were! How can you make a movie following every page of a book?  In a way, I like it this way, it gives me a reason to return to the text – always promising more than what the movie could.

David Heyman, the producer, described the movie perfectly:

“What I love about the movie is that it has many different parts – comedy, romance, suspense, good versus evil – but it also sets up the final chapter that is Deathly Hallows… It really is the beginning of the end.” – EW

Potter fans know what is in store in the last Potter book, which will be split into two separate movies.  It will be the final battle that will serve as an emotional ride not only for the cast but for the fans as well.

Till then, we revisit Hogwarts one last time with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, before everything changes. . . .


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