Vanessa’s INSTYLE Favorite Looks . . .

As I visited my local B&N, I made a bee-line for the magazines.  I have been making frequent visits to the magazine shelf, for the sole purpose of finding my UK July 2009 issue of INSTYLE with Vanessa Hudgens, my favorite fashionista.

So, imagine my excitement when I spotted the issue, THE ONLY ISSUE on the shelf.

Mission Accomplished.

I won’t go into details of the content of the article, it can be found here in my previous spill about VHUDG, but what I WILL do is discuss Hudgen’s “Favorite looks,” some of which can be found here @ jonotjoe 🙂

So what did she pick?? I’ll spill some of the deets from the article:

At the Golden Globes, LA, 2009

Golden Globes

“This was Alberta Ferretti at the Globes.  I’m in love with it because it’s the whole beaded thing, but then the bottom of it is chiffon. It felt very flowy and elegant.”

At the premiere of HSM3, London, 2008

At the premiere of HSM3, London, 2008

“The dress was Simone and the jacket was Catherine Malandrino.  It was so short that I was freaking out and had to wear shorts underneath!”

This is one of my all-time favorite looks of VHUDG, I’m glad she thinks so too!

A rare day off, Toluca Lake, 2009

“They’re J Brand jeans. The shoes are Kenneth Cole and the cardigan is by Antik Batik.  This is my take on the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen baggy ‘homeless’ look that I love! I’ve had the butterfly since I was 13.”

Pretty sure I admire Mary-Kate and Ashely as well…which sums up the reason why VHUDG is my fashion crush. Check out my take on MKA’s fashion…

I loved what Vanessa said about fashion and her personal style – here’s an excerpt:

“I am no label whore and for the most part, I dress for myself.” Hudgens then goes on to say, “I like my own thing.  I’m not content with just wearing a T-shirt and jeans every day.  I love fashion and I love playing with it.”

Go here for your fill on VHUDG with INSTYLE, or run over to B&N to pick up your copy!


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