Mamma Mia Live!…

Last week, my gal pal KMD and I went to NYC to watch Mamma Mia! on Broadway. I watched it last summer, and after seeing it on Broadway, I loved it even more.

The show was even better than the movie!  There were extra scenes that didn’t make the movie, and other ABBA songs.  KMD and I sat 2ND ROW from the stage and sang to every song, laughed to the point of crying and fell in love with the cast, namely the character Pepper. HAHA (this drink will tickle your taste buds…)

After the show, we went stalker-azzi and waited to meet the Broadway star at the back of theater.  Apparently he, and a fellow dancer recognized us from the show. HAHA We were that excited for the show…


My souvenir from the show? A key chain, my ticket and a picture with BEN (aka Pepper).

jonotjoe, Pepper, KMD

jonotjoe, Pepper, KMD

Best night ever. Best Broadway show.


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