Spotted. Vintage D&B…

This weekend, I checked out a consignment store with two of my fabulous friends KMD and R. I have to admit, I’ve never really been to a consignment store, the closest I got was to Plato’s Closet, if that, where I sold all of my A&F clothes from back in the day.

As I was perusing through the store, I laid my eyes on a vintage Dooney and Bourke black and tan satchel bag.  Love at first sight.



I, of course bought it, especially with my friends convincing me (I’m easily convinced when shopping). Especially with the price being so affordable.  It was the best, first purchase I made at a consignment store and now I have to say I’m HOOKED on shopping vintage!!

I don’t even want to go shopping at current retail stores.


I take that back, retail is my weakness.  JO giving up retail shopping is the equivalent to giving up chocolate FOREVER! Ah what a maddening idea!  But, I will be looking more into vintage now a days…with the exception of a few purchases from my favorite stores, J. Crew, BR, Nordstrom and the list goes on…

I’m pretty new at this vintage shopping, so if anyone has any tips or favorite stores they go to, please SHARE!

Once I showed my mom my purchase, her face lit up, and she told me how she remembered those bags and how she use to have a similar one.  A few minutes later, after she ran to the basement and rummaged through the various boxes, she emerged with one of her own vintage Dooney and Bourke bag!!

A similar style of my Mom's D&B bag

A similar style of my Mom's D&B bag

Safe to say that I’ll be spending more time in the basement from now on…searching for more of my mom’s vintage things 🙂 I’ll also have to start checking out my grandparent’s basements too! Perfect for starters…

Happy vintage shopping!


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