Hello Elizabeth and James…

I had recently blogged about the Olsens, namely Ashley, however this post has to deal with both sisters.

And their incredible fashion line Elizabeth and James.

When I first heard that the Olsen twins were starting their own fashion line, I was a little skeptical.  How many “actors” have started their lines, ahem JLO and a few others, and they crashed and burned?

Yet, I was surprised at how fast this line picked up, how many other celebrities have donned the twin’s fashion pieces.  The line has been picked up at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and many other high-end department stores.


The line has been described as urban, and yet modern. Masculine yet feminine.  Roopal Patel, the woman’s fashion director at Bergdorf’s further describes this chic fashion line:

“The look of the line is very modern with an urban approach,” she said. “It’s fresh, appealing and very eclectic. I think that customers will notice that it will reflect their own personal styles without taking over their look by being supertrendy. The line shows a great balance of vintage meets masculinity and rock ‘n’ roll, which makes it unique.”

More of the article HERE

This line, however chic and fabulous it looks, it is pretty pricey, ranging from $195 and on. They are a luxury, a rare line of unqiue pieces created to be unattainable. It is a rare glimpse of fashion, at its purest form.

To check out more looks from the Elizabeth and James line, go HERE

3 thoughts on “Hello Elizabeth and James…

  1. Am the biggest Olsen fan ever, but unsure of the E&J line, tried it on but don’t feel the Olsen’s aesthetic what so ever in this label. It feels too commercial, too hight street. Check out The row, Ashley’s project, now this is INCREDIBLE!!!!

    duke and larn


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