Belle is green…

Camilla Belle is green, as in wearing green.

At the 2009 Whitney Contemporaries Art Party and Auction in New York City on June 17th, Belle along with Alexis Bledel and other celebrities came out for the event.

I, of course, was interested in the dresses, namely Camilla’s because she is my favorite fashionista, along with VHUDG.  So imagine me GASPING when I saw Camilla donning a one shoulder Max Azria green dress (via

I love, love, love the dress!!

Camilla Belle in Max Azria

Camilla Belle in Max Azria

You have to admit.  She looks glam, right down to the gray heels.  I was just so excited about this picture that I just had to share it with all of you.

Once again, bright colors are ALL the rage in Hollywood. So that’s pink, orange/red and green.  Can’t wait to see what is next!!
Till another fashionista shows her colors,



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