Gaga’s Fashion – Hold the Pants…

Lady Gaga is not only known for her catchy tunes and dance-anthem music. But she is also making waves with her fashion style…well a no pants, futuristic fashion style.

Who is behind the ravishing, spotlight-on style?

B. Åkerlund.

The Cut dives deep into the collaboration between these two, in what Lady Gaga calls “Haus of Gaga.”



Some people may be turned off by Gaga’s outrageous style, but here is my point: she makes you talk dosen’t she?

She makes a statement, and she never makes an appearance boring…

That is what I love MOST about Gaga, she breaks the rules, crosses boundaries and isn’t afraid of being different from the rest of POP.  She is making a name for herself, not only from her music with crazy lyrics like:

“Love it when you call me legs, in the morning buy me eggs…” – Boys Boys Boys (my girls KMD, S and K love that song!!)

BUT with her crazy…crazy clothes and confidence.

So to Gaga: Thank you. For pushing the limits. Thanks for making the delusional … reality.

As for her stylist…

I don’t like to pull fashion; I like to make fashion. I feel like Gaga and I are alike in that respect. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about the new hot designers; it’s whatever we feel like doing at the moment. If that means pulling from old resources of designers we like or archives of things or whatever it is. It doesn’t matter as long as it feels right. –THE CUT

Thank you and goodnight.

**fashion-no pants necessary.


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