Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is soon to hit theaters on June 26th.

The media is all a buzz with the new film, especially with the two celebrities who play Sam and Mikaela (Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox).

At the world premiere in Tokyo, Megan Fox donned a brilliant purple dress, which I loved just because it was PURPLE, complete with purple shoes.  It is one of my favorite outfits she has worn on the red carpet!!


I have to say she looks stunning, and every girl in America probably hates her right now, just because she is gor-ge-ous.  . . Effortlessly. AND is close friends with SHIA…


But as for leading man Shia, the latest interview by Paul Byrne for, shows that Shia isn’t the “bad boy” the media has portrayed him to be. In fact, Shia claims it is merely “growing pains.”

PAUL BYRNE: With every glittering career comes the danger of being blinded by the light — there was a period where it looked like the LAPD might give you your own cell…

SHIA LABEOUF: That would have been handy, yeah — I could have had a change of clothes there, some sounds, some books. Look, I don’t think I was in any more trouble than a lot of young men get into. I got a little silly here and there, but it’s just growing pains. I didn’t rob a bank, I didn’t set out to kidnap an heiress, or invade a small country…

**more of the interview HERE


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