“The Princess and the Frog” controversy…

You may have heard about Disney’s new princess movie “The Princess and the Frog”  by now…it is causing quite a stir.


It is the first time for Disney, in its 70 years of princess-making, to feature a black princess…and people don’t understand why Disney is making a black princess…

REALLY people??

An excerpt from “Who Needs a Black Princess Anyway. We All Do” by Alexis Stodghill:

The Root is adding a totally new nuance to this heap of discontent. Writer and mother of two girls, Monique Fields, asks the poignant question: Who needs a black princess anyway? She questions the value of “princess” ideals, preferring to give young women a dose of reality to counteract this fantasy. Yet, is Fields missing the point of childhood itself?

I think its great that Disney is making this new princess film…we always need more princesses and princes in the world. And who cares if the Princess is black or white? GET OVER IT ALREADY!! We live in the 21st Century, with Barack Obama as our President. We are moving forward!

Monique Fields from The Root continues to write:

A princess? Whatever in the world do princesses do? More importantly, how do they get paid? Real life is not a fairy tale, and few folks live happily ever after. So just what are we telling our girls when we dress them up in frilly dresses, dust them with makeup and put glitter in their hair before they really know who they are? We’re telling them outward beauty is more valuable than being responsible, trustworthy citizens who don’t always get what they want. If we aren’t clear what’s acceptable now, we’re setting them up for a time in the not-too-distant future when they want something they can’t have and have no way of dealing with rejection. (The Roots: The Trouble with Disney’s Princesses!)

As  for Monique Fields, who sees that the idea of Princesses hinders a child’s view on reality….get a grip. Children deserve a childhood filled with fantasy and happily-ever-afters.  Reality will come as they grow older…it’s part of “growing up!” But for now, let them savor in the realm of fantasy, into a world of princes who sweep princesses off their feet (or fins)…whether it be on a magic carpet, on a white horse, or a dance.

And rejection in the “not-too-distant future?” What does watching Disney movies have to do with rejection??? DISNEY IS PART OF CHILDHOOD!! Imagination plays a big role in childhood…why take that away from kids when they are younger?

BUT anyways…

I’m personally excited for the new Disney movie!! AND I also hear that in 2010..Disney will be making RAPUNZEL!! WOW I am ecstatic 🙂

Here’s the trailer for “The Princess and the Frog:”


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