Ladies, Adam Kimmel…

Allow me to introduce my new favorite men’s fashion designer: Adam Kimmel.

I have blogged about him recently, mostly for his black-rimmed glasses (LOL) but as I looked more into his fashion history, I have become rather intrigued by him.

His designs have been featured in countless magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, L’UOMO VOGUE, NUMERO, and many others. Blogger Christopher Bollen from For The Moment at writes that Kimmel is “Known for his heady brand of cerebral machismo.”

Cerebral Machismo? Google that phrase and Adam Kimmel shows up.

Only 29 years old, and Kimmel has created a name for himself. Just look at his PRESS coverage on his site…the list goes on and on.

{The Denim Jumpsuit is Adam Kimmel- featured in September 2008 issue of ELLE}

GO HERE for more of his looks..

What I find fascinating about Kimmel’s designs is that he looks towards American culture for inspiration on his designs.

“My inspiration is always American…” he says. “I try to discover pockets of American culture that resonate with my contemporaries and keep it as personal as I can.”

[*excerpt from TIME]

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this New York native designer, who seems to have the fashion world hooked on machismo appeal.

And those glasses surely add to the machismo infatuation….

**Kimmel picture is from Google images**


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