Business Attire…

Over the course of the week, I have been on the hunt for new business clothes.

I decided that I needed the basics, the staples, the must-haves.

After days of searching through racks of clothes and stores, I have found my perfect set of must-have business clothes!

So here are my list of must-haves:

Sleek Flap Pocket Blazer from Banana Republic

Sleek Flap Pocket Blazer from Banana Republic

You can’t go wrong with a blazer.  It’s a classy clothing staple, you can dress it up with slacks or even with jeans.  SASSY.

white pants

718 Martin Sleek Straight Pant from Banana Republic

When in doubt, wear pants.  These pants come in either cream or black. Dressy pants are a GO-GO in the working world, and they always look slimming and classy in the office.

pencil skirt

Pencil Skirt from J Crew

Pencil skirts are a great way to change up the usual suit attire found in the office.  J Crew has a great selection on pencil skirts.  They’re feminine yet business-causal.

As for shoes, you obviously don’t want to wear strappy heels or crazy colors (unless you’re in a fashion-based office).  Just keep it simple.  BUT if you want to make your shoes pop out..make sure you keep your outfit toned down.

Circa Joan & David Pumps

Circa Joan & David Pumps

These heels aren’t too high, so they are perfect to walk around the office with, especially if you’re not use to walking in heels so much!!

A smart business girl always has a pair of flats in her bag.  Who wants to get blisters on their feet just from getting to work?

Ruby & Bloom 'Grace' Ballerina Flats

Ruby & Bloom 'Grace' Ballerina Flats

Not only are these flats the CUTEST thing … but they’re super comfortable.  They will match with anything, and they’ll keep the blisters at bay.


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