Rainy Thursday….

It’s raining.


You would think that I wore my HUNTERS today…but I didn’t 😦 This morning it wasn’t raining when I was going to work, so I donned my patent-cream BR flats.  Halfway through the day, it started to rain…and all I had on were my flats and my bubble umbrella.  I missed a perfectly rainy day to wear my HUNTERS, oh well.

It’s spring so I can count on more rainy days…

But what was lovely about my day was I got to spend the majority of it in the library reading a romantic and witty  book written by Anne Brontë.  It made me smile.  The day only got better by indulging in cappuccinos and toasted bagels with my lovely LIT499/coffee girls 🙂

What did you do on your rainy day?



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