West Side Story…

My fabulous friend SOLD recently posted pictures from Vanity Fair on her blog and I almost had a heart attack.

Let me give you the short and sweet:

1. West Side Story

2. Re-visited through photographs

3. Featuring my fav. fashionista Camilla Belle AND the one and only Ben Barnes aka. Prince Caspian.

As soon as I saw the photos on SOLD’s blog I had to research! SO, I went to vanityfair.com and and read up on the story and checked out the photos. Camilla was the PERFECT person to be photographed as Maria. She looks gorgeous in these photos!!

So what is the occasion?  West Side Story is finally getting “its first Broadway revival.” So what better way to celebrate the epic musical than by taking inspired photos feat. Hollywood’s epic stars…

Here are my favorites from the portfolio: (go the vanityfair.com to check out the rest!!)

The Dress Shop

The Dress Shop

The Dance

The Dance

The End

The End

I love the beginning of the article!! Here’s a taste:

West Side Story is gang warfare set to music. It’s dance as a weapon. It’s love and death with a Latin beat. West Side Story rocks. The first thing you hear is snapping fingers. That beat. The hoodlums who make up the rival gangs the Sharks (Puerto Rican) and the Jets (Anglo-Irish-Italian) fill the frame in the early going, trying to out-macho one another with charged moves, only to give way to the riveting heroines Maria and Anita. – Jim Windolf


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