Hello Spring!

It hasn’t been official yet, but according to me, Spring has already begun.

Maybe it is because my Spring Break has already passed and I have been  teased by the warm weather, or maybe the fact that it is bright and sunny outside OR maybe it’s all of these reasons combined that have caused me to run to my haven of delicious coffee and order an ICED COFFEE.


I’ll let that cool down your taste buds for a moment….

The first time I sip these delectable drinks, my taste buds know that spring is here and that summer isn’t far off.  Iced Coffee is my signature drink for warm weather, and nothing makes me more happy then to drink one on a fabulous day like today.

So the word is out. Spring is here. Go out and get yourself a cup of iced coffee.

…and tell them that JO (not joe) sent you.


❤ jonotjoe

[i have to give thanks to K for purchasing my first iced coffee of the season. If only they took getit]


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