Snow Day!!

Hope you enjoy your snow day!!

As for me, I’m snowed in at home, and me driving back to school is a no- no right now. BUT I can’t be upset…mother nature did give me a SNOW DAY 🙂

SO instead of being in class, I’m sitting here in my kitchen, wearing my PJs inside out, with coffee in hand and mia madre making chicken soup 🙂 Ah the joys of snow days.

It brings me back to my elementary school days. Unlike every child, I never went sledding…I wasn’t that type of girl, well no. Technically, I never was allowed…long story.

Instead, I stayed in, read a book and would follow my brother outside with his friends for snow ball fights and building snow forts.

I would build the occasional snowman, but he never came out right. I failed as a child.

These days, I still can’t build a great snowman. BUT I have perfected my snowangels.

Well, my coffee is running out, I better make some more 🙂

Stay warm



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