Slumdog Millionaire…

Last night, I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire.

I didn’t know what to expect, I had heard so many different things about it.  Some including, it was great or it was okay but not great and so on.

WELL, after seeing it, I understand why it won 8 Academy Awards.

It was sooo good. It really was a powerful movie. My emotions ranged from scared, appalled, heartbroken and happy.  The ending was beautiful. I really like how the movie played out, how each question was related to his past experiences, and if he looked back, he would find the answer. This movie really makes you think about what is happening in the world.

So here’s my SHORT AND SWEET:

1. Freida Pinto is gorgeous. No wonder she is Woody Allen’s new girl.

2. I cried at the end. Not going to lie

3. I felt nauseous while watching the scene with the eyes. GAG

4. The relationship between the brothers.  There were times what I loved Salim and then times where I loathed him.  But in the end, he did the right thing by allowing Latika to find Jamal.

5. The dance sequence was AWESOME! I posted the clip so we can all enjoy it 🙂

6. I bought some songs from the soundtrack, like JAI HO!

7. I want to watch it again, which is weird because I never want to watch movies over and over again…

8. I highly suggest you watch it if you haven’t done so.

9. Great movie. It was riveting.

10.  Everything in his life prepared Jamal for that show. For him to find her. THAT was destiny.

I loved this movie. I want to read the book now. AH great great great great movie.

Here’s the dance scene:


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