My favorite time of the year. It’s like Christmas morning. but not really.

Instead its the OSCARS. I have been waiting, WAITING!! Now it is finally here, and here I am…Sunday night at my house watching the show, neglecting my studies.

So to inform you, I am LIVE blogging.  My favorite actress and her dress has to Kate Winslet. She is just amazing, she was really memorizing in Revolutionary Road. I hope she wins tonight!!

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

I just watched the opening and Hugh Jackman did an amazing job.  The bit with Anne Hathaway was so cute!!!  Shall we discuss Anne Hathaway? Her dress? GorGEous. I had a wonderful discussion with K during the RED CARPET.  Anne is epic. Everything she wears is to perfection.  She is so elegant and timeless.  I love all of her dress choices!!! LOVE HER!

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz. I am in tears.  I love how they had previous winners announce the new winner.  That was really powerful.  This is why I love the Oscars so much.  Everyone comes together and history is re-visited, history is written.

Penelope Cruz wins Best Supporting Actress

Penelope Cruz wins Best Supporting Actress

Milk just won best screenplay. The speech was priceless. I was moved to tears.

Hmm and did you notice the beautiful Jennifer Aniston?? AND did you notice the camera switching to Brad and Angelina??  SKETCHY! They were smiling of course. I wonder how awkward that confrontation will be….

Commercial, I shall be back.


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