Brad Pitt and Angelina really do annoy me.

WHY? Because they are EVERYWHERE! Like really, what is so special about them? Is it because they have 7 kids? They travel everywhere? That they have a child from almost every different country in the world? LIKE WTF? OH and does Benjamin Button have to win almost everything? HONESTLY

“Keira Knightley, you’re one classy lady.” Best Costume Design for The Duchess. Keira Knightley is one of my favorite actresses.  She was great in The Duchess.

OMG. Robert Pattison. You are amazing, and if only I could have be Bella…my life would be complete 🙂 Amanda Seyfried, I love you but the red spaghetti straps?  I hate to sound cliche, but that was so 10 years ago.

Romance 2008. The fact that Coldplay is playing is killing me. And the fact that almost ALL of my favorite love movies are on the clip, just made my night. HSM3…Twilight…Mamma Mia…27 Dresses…all my favs.  That was truly epic. I had goosebumps. FACT.

Natalie Portman. I love her dress.  HAHA BEN STILLER is hilarious right now!  He is clearly poking fun at Joaquin Phoenix. LOL

Oh and Slumdog Millionaire is taking names. I never got around to watching that film, I’m definitely going to have to watch it asap.

Comedy 2008. That was hilarious. I love James Franco, look at him, so studly.  I actually just watched Fly Boys, well parts of it.  But he was really good in the film, it just make me realize how gorgeous he is.

HAHA I apologize for the onslaught of girlish tangents. I just can’t help myself.

The musical performance. To be HONEST, I did NOT like it. Like really Beyonce?  Why does she ALWAYS still have to steal the spotlight. VHudg and Zac didn’t really sing, neither did Amanda and Dominic. WTF.  The media hyped that performance up so much, and it was a letdown.  UGH.

Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger. I’m so glad he won, finally recognized for his great work and acting. Watching his father, mother and sister accept the award on behalf of his daughter, made me cry.  Every actor in that building was touched by the compassion left by Ledger. I’m so glad he won.


3 thoughts on “The OSCARS 2…

  1. Wait, can we talk about how Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix is the best thing I’ve seen since Joaquin Phoenix as Joaquin Phoenix?

  2. girl, it’s 27 dresses. haha
    also loved the romance 2008 thing. love robert!

    i loved the musical number. didn’t like that beyonce, zac, or vanessa were in it, but i love all those songs. haha. i’m a sucker for corny stuff.

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