Mmm Music…

So the other day I went home to visit for the night.  And then a drastic event almost happened: I ALMOST LEFT WITHOUT MY IPOD.


Music is vital to me and if I don’t have my ipod, I’m just…LOST.  I need music 24/7.  I fall asleep listening to my ipod and I normally wake up with my earphones still  in my ear.   TRUTH.

But I recently did some damage on my itunes account and I felt the need to share with you my latest music obsessions:


She & Him

1. Coldplay: Strawberry Swing, Lost, Life in Technicolor I and II, Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love, Death and All His Friends, Postcards from Far Away, Glass of Water, Rainy Day, Lost +

2. Radiohead: 15 Step

3. She & Him: Sweet Darlin’, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

4. Britney Spears: Mmm Papi

5. Flo Rida: Right Round

So those are my music obsessions for the time being.  Coldplay will always be my number one no matter what 🙂

If you want to share you’re own, feel free…

stay in tune,



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