Not a Good Day…

Hmm..I’m not having a good day.

This week went by so fast,  I can’t believe that its almost Friday, meaning its the weekend and soon Monday. UGH!

I have a 15 page story to write up by Monday and I have a serious case of writers block, and the fact that I have SO much other work to do before I get started, is kind of making me procrastinate. SO, any story  ideas?

Besides the work load, I am mentally unhappy for so many reasons known and unknown. (ONE of the “known reasons” is that Lady Gaga concert tickets are SOLD OUT!!!). Boo.. how can I cheer up??

All I want to do today, is curl up in bed, have some coffee and watch
Ever After – my all-time favorite movie. Its one of those movies where if I had to be stranded on a desert island, and I could only take one movie with me…it would be Ever After. It honestly has every aspect of a great movie: love, family, comedy,  action, suspense, heartbreak.  I mean its an all-in-one movie.

Anyways, I can’t curl up in bed, with my coffee and watch my movie because I have a LOT of work to do 😦 and I would love to go running, but I lack motivation.

BUT maybe if I run…I’ll get motivation, which will then allow me to get ALL my work done, so I can start my story! wow.

But it all starts with me getting to the gym, and that’s an issue.

UGH! I’m such a Debbie Downer today. Sorry guys. I fail 😦

-a very much upset/sad jo…


One thought on “Not a Good Day…

  1. excuse me? be happy. because word on the street is that you are going to an exclusive event at the DVF studio. and candace bushnell will be there. can life get any better?

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