Superbowl Commercials…

So the Steelers won. yay…. I DON’T CARE. (sorry Steelers fans, no offense)

This year’s Superbowl, in my opinion, wasn’t really exciting.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that the Eagles weren’t IN the Superbowl!!

….Sore subject and I’d rather not get into it.

But anyways, the commercials this year weren’t so great.  I giggled here and there, but nothing really stood out.  Compared to last year, last year’s commercials kicked ASS!! My favorite had to be: Justin’s Pepsi Commercial and the Godfather inspired Commercial.  They were legit.

I’m a bit upset about this year selection of commercials, seeing as how they were the only reason why I watched the Superbowl.

Ugh, what a let down. But what made up for the ENTIRE Superbowl disappointment was, THE OFFICE. LIKE WOW.


As you know, I’m only on Season 2, but I couldn’t pass this episode up.  The beginning was hilarious, I really couldn’t stop laughing.  But the one part that had me at tears was when realizes that Jim is her soul mate 🙂 Like really?!?! Can we say cutest TV couple? It moved me to tears, and I honestly want to have no life for the next week and just watch The Office in its entirely. Who’s with me?

What did you think about the commericals/The Office??


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