The other night my friend and I watched Revolutionary Road.

Should I just Short and Sweet it? I think so.



1. I really do love Leo and Kate, and their performances were amazing.  They are such a dynamic duo, I hope to see more films with them together!

2. The movie is HIGHLY depressing, and after watching it, I was emotionally burnt out.

3. There was a point in the movie where I said, “what the FUCK” and when I felt extremely nauseous.  What a mix of emotions.

4. The movie kind of just … ended and I really want to know… WHAT HAPPENED AFTER?!!

5. I liked the movie because of the actors, but I didn’t like the movie’s plot.  I probably will never watch it again.  I’ll just stick with Titanic (only disc one, that way Leo lives on forever…)

6. Revolutionary Road was fucking crazy. There, I said it.


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