The Ice isn’t so icy….

So yesterday we had a “snow storm” and it was pretty fabulous (if you weren’t on the roads or anything).

Snow days, snow men and snow angels were all the buzz yesterday.  As for me, I chose to stay in my PJS, have some snacks and BLOG. LOL

But anyways, I eventually had to step out of my litte cozy hole to meet up with the real world.  I caught up with old friends, failed to catch up with my responsibilities and got ice cream….which is weird, but it was all for a good cause!

As I went outside with my housemates, my one friend nearly slipped on a sheet of ice!! It was scary/hysterical at the same time. I literally had tears because I was laughing so hard.  But it was all in good fun 🙂  So after her near-fall experience, we all made sure to watch our step to avoid slipping and falling on our sweet bums.


I’m glad to report that we made it okay, without any slips or falls. . .that is until we got back to our humble abode.

I was about to hop into the shower, my towels were all set, my body wash in hand and I had my “shower flip-flops” on.  WELL it wasn’t until I put ONE foot into the shower that I realized…I had the wrong shoes on. They were the flat, non-grip flip flops, which caused a BIG problem…

So as my right foot went into the shower, I slipped, causing my left foot to fly out from under me, drop my body wash and I fall on my sweet bum onto the dirty shower floor. Oh and its safe to say that I yelped…twice.  I  cannot explain to you the bumps and bruises I have all over my leg at this point and time.  They really are just fabulous reminders.

So its safe to say that despite the ICE that covered the roads and pathways yesterday, I somehow managed to slip in my own shower.


I mind as well shower with my rain boots from now on…


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