Another update on my girl Vhudg.


I’m loving the bag and the Ray Bans.

I’ve been eying a certain color of Ray Bans….in purple/fuschia but am I tempted to throw down $140 on sunglasses?? I feel like only certain people can pull these sunglasses off.  I tried a pair on and let’s just say, I look better with BIG sunglasses.

I’m not going to lie about it, but its the truth.

But back to the bag… I LOVE the suede fringe bag. Especially in gray….

I found a fringe bag via Urban Outfitters, but they only have few select colors (rust).  But I would rather have it in purple

But then again, I’m just obsessed with the color purple, I mean its starting to get unhealthy. Purple nails, rings, shirts, necklaces..what’s next purple sunglasses and bags? Wait, I already have a purple bag….LOL!!

Like they say..PURPLE is the NEW black…


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