Gossip Kills…

Gossip Girl is killing me. gg-will

I know it’s been a while since my last post on Gossip Girl but now I’m back AND annoyed!!!

How long must I sit and wait for Chuck Bass to GROW UP and realize that he is meant to be with Blair?!!!

Here’s my Short and Sweet on this week’s episode: “Gone with the Will:”

1. The Bass Ordeal. The Uncle is a creeper and I think something went down between him and Blair, which I’m not happy about!  Also, Chuck needs to grow up and be a man.  No more of his silly games because he is losing both his father’s company AND Blair! DON’T BE AN IDIOT CHUCK! Now, he has to fight for everything and I really hope he does.

2. Dan and Serena. Just stay together for the sanity of the viewers.  We ALL know that you’re meant to be with each other so don’t make anymore excuses.  So what, you’re parents love each other, its not like you’re BLOOD RELATED!

3. Rufus and Lily. Can they be any more cuter?!  At the end of the show, where they held hands, I was almost in tears! LOL It’s fate. They are meant to be together 🙂

4.  And this adoption ordeal…something fishy is going on and I can’t wait to see what happened.  A boating accident? HMMMMMMM….

5. It’s about time we saw Nate! I missed him and his gorGEgous presence 🙂 I guess him and V are cute together…

6. Those little bratty wanna-be Blairs! They are beyond annoying.  Someone needs to put them in their place, and I hope its Blair.  Enough is enough.  Like really, we’re stealing phones now?

7. Eric and Jenny fight like siblings, which is kind of cute.  I love Eric, he is so witty. It’s about time someone tells it like it is to Jenny!  Oh and Jenny, I love you for being the “good girl” again,  but really, see a hairstylist….

I think that about covers everything.  I’m just really annoyed with the whole Chuck and Blair situation.  How long must we wait to see their relationship blossom!?!?! Everyone is together with someone, why does their have to be drama separating Chuck and Blair??

See you all next week!


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