Breaking Twilight….

I finally finished the Twilight Series.

I can honestly say Breaking Dawn was probably my favorite book out of the series, right next to Twilight.

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

What a mix of emotions while reading this book.  I cried, I was angry and nervous.  But I mostly cried throughout the book, it was SO good.

So for my Short and Sweet:

1. Edward and Bella. Need I say more? I really have no words that could articulate how much I love those too.

2. Renesmee aka Nessie has to be the most adorable child ever.

3. Book 2 with Jacob was really good.  Once again, I loved how Meyer allowed us into his mind and how he saw things through his own eyes.  It was a great point of view to the situation.

4. I was stressing all throughout Book 3. I’m so glad there was NO war 🙂  But I also had trouble picturing Bella all in her vampire glory.

5. What a perfect ending to a perfect love story (despite the Vampire tendencies).  I seriously lost it at the end and just cried after I read the final line. Why? I have no idea.  Maybe its because I have gotten to know these characters for four books, and now my relationship with them has come to an end.  It was a great ending, but I was sad to see it end.  It was a bittersweet moment.

In the end, I really can’t convey to you how amazing this series was.  I doubted it in the beginning but it really is a great book.

I guess what is killing me the most is the bigger idea that the book brings to the surface: LOVE. Is there such a person as Edward Cullen?  Not his vampire side, but his human side.  Is there such a man as Edward who can love another like he loves Bella?  Could a girl like Bella ever find her Edward?

Does Edward and Bella’s love really exist, or could it exist?

I guess this is what keeps me drawn to Twilight, and why I can’t let it go. These plaguing questions haunt me, and by reading and re-reading the series, this love almost seems real.

Call me crazy, but this is how Twilight has affected me.

I looked up Stephenie Meyer’s myspace page (stalker!) and what surprised me the most was her “Who I would like to meet” section.  Her number one person? Edward Cullen.  A character she has created so vividly, is one she would most like to meet. THAT’S DEEP.

So to agree with Stephenie, I myself would like to meet Edward Cullen as well.

ALSO, news of the Internet leaking of Meyer’s next book Midnight Sun has devastated her as both a writer and “a human being.” I’m debated on whether I should venture into reading this draft.  But I can’t help but wondering what Edward was thinking throughout Twilight. Since we never had a chance to really dive into his mind, I think that reading this draft will be very beneficial to all the readers.

So to read or not to read…that is the question….


One thought on “Breaking Twilight….

  1. Read! I’m upset that it was leaked but Stephenie was right on the money when writing Midnight Sun. It’s amazing to see Edward’s point of view. 🙂

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