The ECLIPSE of my heart…

For all you Twilight fans, this is for you.

I just finished Eclipse this morning and it was so good 🙂 It’s all bittersweet really.  I know that the saga is going to end in Breaking Dawn and I really don’t want to leave Edward and Bella.  I know that sounds crazy, but after reading so much about them and devoting so much of my time to read the books, I feel so close to them.  As soon as I finished the final book, I feel as if I’m going to lose them!!! AHHH!! eclipse

Before I jump into the last book I wanted a moment to reflect on the amazing-ness of the Eclipse.

My Short and Sweet:

1. Edward and Bella.   Can they be any cuter? I really love how they spent so much time with each other in this book.  It really helped them grow with each other 🙂 My favorite part had to be when they were engaged!! Ah it took my breathe away! Especially the last chapter when they were in the meadow.  This had to be my favorite line in the novel:

He once again slid my ring into place on the third finger of my left hand.

Where it would stay– conceivably for the rest of eternity.

Like wow.  I wish I could say that!!!  The chapters of these two just made me smile and giggle like a little girl in love.

2. Jacob.  My heart really breaks for him. The bond between Bella and Jacob is really magical, but when it comes to Edward, nothing compares.  Bella really can’t live without Edward, the two are one.  I really hope that Jacob can “imprint” with someone else, just to see him happy.  I was worried throughout the novel that HE imprinted on Bella!  That would have been lethal, but I guess being in LOVE with her is just as painful, seeing as he can’t have her 😦 I’M SORRY JACOB!!  The Epilogue was heartbreaking too.  It took me a couple sentences to realize that it was Jacob talking. It was SO sad to hear him talk and think about the pain of losing Bella. I really like how Meyer gave us the chance to hear Jacob himself, to let us tap into his mind. I feel like we understand him a little bit better now, and the pain he must endure.

3. The book was amazing. Despite its amazingness, the book was SO stressful!! This whole tension between Edward and Bella, Bella and Jacob, Jacob and Edward took a toll on the reader!! After I closed the book, I gave a HUGE sigh of relief!!  In my opinion, this book definitely beats New Moon, but Twilight is still my number one book in the saga.

4. Wuthering Heights excerpts.  I liked how Meyer incorporated them into the novel, but that last time I read Wuthering Heights was…years ago, and I don’t even think I read the book in its entirety!!  So I guess I’m going to re-read it, just so I can get a better understanding of the connection Meyer sees.

I’m going to give myself a day to let Eclipse sink in, and then I’m going to start Breaking Dawn. I hear that its AMAZING and that it has a happy ending!  YAY!  But I really don’t want this saga to end 😦 I guess I can always go back and re-read and meet up with my favorite characters again.  But knowing that this is the last book is killing me 😦 BOOO.

Until I finish Breaking Dawn, farewell.


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