The Gossip on Gossip Girl…

It has been too long.  Tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl was something I have been looking forward since Turkey Day.  And this week’s episode was juicy. So let’s get to the point…. blairserenajenny1


1. Vanessa. I really don’t like you. Even though you have Nate….I still don’t like you.  And the whole dress situation? Like really….it’s not traumatizing. You don’t even like/know those “people.”

2. Jenny. Get a new hair-do.  The haircut you have now is hidEous. But for the first time…I was cheering for her.  She has some good lines to those three annoying Blair wannabees..

3. Can Blair and Chuck be any cuter??  I mean they are perfect for each other, I really don’t know why they can’t make it wrong. Ugh damn their egos!!

4. Serena and Dan.  I think everyone and their mother knows that you two still like each other, so do us all a favor and get back together.  We all know that you two don’t make sense without each other.

5. Serena and Aaron …. Dan and Aaron’s ex-girlfriend.  Did this make any sense to anyone??  My girlfriends couldn’t help but feel the awkwardness of this situation.

6. Oh Lily and Rufus.  You two are just adorable…its too bad BART HAS TO DIE!!! I knew it.  I’m kind of glad he is off the show…his “investigations” were getting a little annoying, but I do feel really bad for Chuck.  Bart was his only family member, but then again Bart was always an asshole to this son. WIN-WIN situation? Perhaps…

7. Can we discuss Serena’s need to have her BOOBS fall out of everything top she wears?  Can someone give her some “tape” please?

I feel like I bash the characters too much, but Vanessa was really getting on my nerves this episode. So many things are bound to happen and I just can’t wait to see how things turn out.

– Will Chuck and Blair get together?

-Will Lily finally have her “happily ever after?”

-What will the aftermath of Bart’s death be like?

-Is there a reunion between Serena and Dan in the near future?

-What is going to happen to Jenny.  Will she return to school?

-Vanessa and Nate- will they last?

So many questions left unanswered… I guess we will just have to stay tuned till next week!! See you then ..

*REAL QUICK: go here for some photos of this weeks episode and some of next weeks!!!

you know you love jo NOT joe.


One thought on “The Gossip on Gossip Girl…

  1. FIRST of all jo not JOE…. Serena’s fashion choices on the show are not in her CONTROL. the costume designers keep putting her in releaving necklines, and its not Blake’s fault. so stop HATIN. And please… she always looks fabulous you can’t deny.

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