Who Dies on Gossip Girl…

SO this night’s Gossip Girl was a good episode, but nothing compares to the next THRILLING episode where an “accident” takes place and someone … dies … ahhhh!

Well here is my Short and Sweet take on tonight’s Gossip Girl: gossip-girl-preview

1. JENNY- it’s about time you stopped acting out and realized that you’re an idiot and “divorcing” your family for the sake of your burnt dresses is pointless.  Congratulations, you have been awarded the BIGGEST MORON On The Show award. Please go home.

and you’re haircut needs to stop.  You look like a boy …. gagreel.

2. I love BLAIR. I really do. Her outfits tonight were mesmerizing. Love her. Can’t wait for the next episode, hopefully her and Chuck pick up where they left off…wink wink…

3. Oh Nate.  Do you really like Jenny and don’t know what to do about it? Let me help you… GET OVER HER AND PICK A NEW GIRL…. and NOT Vanessa… Oh yea, and he was so cute when he talked to his Dad… I had tears.

4. Speaking of Vanessa, taking letters that are not address to you is a big no-no. Get over Nate, it is clear he does not like you…or does he?  But tonight made me realize that I really don’t like you, and that no matter how hard you try to set yourself apart from everyone else (Blair, Nate, Serena, Chuck) you are exactly like them.

5. Rufus and Lily are adorable and they NEED to be together.  The dinner scene at the end was just the cutest thing ever.  If they don’t end up together, I will be heartbroken!!

6. What is Bart’s deal!?!?! He is a creeper….

7. Serena.  I don’t know what it is, but lately her outfits have been a little revealing and not cute.  Take for instance her yellow top and red skirt get up was just a little too short….and unnecessary.  And this boy Aaron? EWWY.

8. I KNOW WHO DIES ON GOSSIP GIRL!!! I KNOW WHO DIES ON GOSSIP GIRL!!! Will I tell you? Hm, well it depends on if you wanna know…. let’s just say that my predictions were correct 😛

WOW, longest Short and Sweet everr. But I hope you enjoyed it and that I wasen’t too harsh.  Seer you in two weeks for the NEXT GG.


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